TamStar™ is Your Texas Lawn!

Maintaining a lawn here in Texas is no easy task. Whether your yard is plagued by pests and diseases or is prone to drying out or flooding over, TamStar™ will work for you. Researchers at Texas A&M spent more than a decade cultivating TamStar, a hybrid St. Augustine grass that is the first of its kind. TamStar not only meets the specific needs and demands of Texas but also utilizes less water, pesticides and is more resource efficient compared to other St. Augustine grasses. TamStar creates a lawn you’ll be proud of, one that your family will enjoy for years to come.

Benefits for Your Texas Lawn

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Low Water Use

TamStar’s deep root system allows it to go longer in periods without rain or added irrigation compared to other St. Augustine grasses. A lawn with a higher drought tolerance will save you money on your water bill and preserves water resources in Texas.

Shade Tolerance

No matter what region of Texas you live in, TamStar will work for your lawn. TamStar requires as little as four hours of direct sunlight per day, but also thrives under full sun. This makes TamStar ideal for all lawns, whether tucked under shady areas or open yards with no shade.

Easy Maintenance

TamStar’s extremely high resilience to pests and diseases commonly found in other St. Augustine grasses means you can spend less on insecticide and fungicide applications. Plus, TamStar’s tolerance to drought cuts back on irrigation costs. A TamStar lawn will save you time and money on maintenance.

Whether you're prepping your backyard for summer barbeques or landscaping your commercial business, TamStar is Your Texas Lawn!


Pest Resistance

TamStar exhibited low susceptibility to southern chinch bug reproduction as well significant mortality rates in pupae and adult tropical sod webworm.

Disease Resistance

In field tests under various conditions in Dallas, TamStar was consistently classified as highly resistant to gray leaf spot disease.

Drought Tolerance

After 91 days of dry-down studies conducted in Dallas, TamStar demonstrated superior drought tolerance and ability to recover rapidly once irrigation resumed compared to competing St. Augustinegrasses. During the drought periods, TamStar still maintained excellent coloration and delayed leaf wilting. TamStar also exhibited deep root development comparable to industry standards.

No matter where you are in Texas–whether in the lowlands, hills or on the coast, TamStar’s strong roots and durable leaf blades can withstand cold North Texas winters or relentless summer heat, yet still thrives in the shade.

Developed by Texas A&M

TamStar spent more than a decade in the research stages at Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Dallas. The project to develop a drought, shade and cold tolerant grass was spearheaded by Dr. Ambika Chandra, Dr. Anthony D. Genovesi and Dr. Milt Engelke. Using state-of-the-art turfgrass breeding techniques, this team of world-renown researchers created a grass that requires little watering through drought summers, that also greens up after a being covered in ice or snow during the winter.