Golfdom: Texas A&M Turfgrass Breeders Develop Drought-Tolerant Grass

The Turfgrass Producers of Texas have launched a new website dedicated to TamStar. The website serves as a resource for industry professionals regarding TamStar St.Augustine, a new drought-tolerant, low-water-use grass developed by turfgrass breeders at Texas A&M University. The website offers research and information about TamStar, including its benefits, installation, maintenance and where to purchase this sod.

TamStar St. Augustine is the result of more than a decade of research at Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center in Dallas. It was bred to meet the demands of commercial and residential lawns and landscapes in Texas. The grass is now on the market and ready for harvest at more than a dozen farms and nursery centers throughout the state.

Along with drought tolerance and low-water use, studies show TamStar demonstrates pest and disease tolerance, specifically to southern chinch bugs and tropical sod webworms. TamStar has a deep root system that allows it to tolerate stressful drought periods, with a rapid recovery response once irrigation resumes.


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